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Philosophy: MLA Citation

Citing Sources

Any words, ideas or images that you do not create yourself must be properly credited to avoid plagiarism.  Citing information sources acknowledges the origin of your information and it provides support and credibility to your work by showing evidence of your research. A citation is a reference to the source of an idea, information or image.  It typically includes enough identifying information, such as the author, title, date,  publication format, etc.

MLA Publication Manual

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MLA Style Guides

NoodleTools description and links

NoodleToolsNoodleTools is an online citation tool available to all CCSF students and faculty. What makes it better than other online citation tools? It is the gold-standard in citation tools, is able to be integrated with Google Docs, and also functions as a notetaking and outline toolset. NoodleTools is used at many major colleges and universities and your account can stay with you, so your research notes and sources are preserved as you move along your educational path.

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