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Citing Sources : Need more Help with APA?

This guide provides information on citing your sources in some of the most commonly used citation formats: APA, MLA, and Chicago.


There are some good online tools and sources that can help with APA formatting!

  • One of the most popular is the Purdue OWL (Online writing Lab). Use the menu on the left margin to navigate the site. We recommend avoiding use of the citation generator at the top of the pages. 
  • Noodletools Express is great way to quickly generate correctly formatted citations. Just be sure to double-check your capitalization and punctuaton.
  • As a CCSF student, you have free access to the full version of NoodleTools. After creating an account, the full version additionally allows you to not only generate citations-- but also to store them online in working bibliographies, and to collaborate with your teachers and peers. 
  • Are you trying to cite articles from CCSF's online databases? There is a shortcut! When you are in the database and have found the record for an article that you want to use, click the "cite" icon in the column on the right side of the page. Select your desired citation format, and the citation will be automatically generated for you. Just be sure to double-check the capitalization and punctuation because computer-generated citations aren't always perfect. 



If you need more help or information, please ask a reference librarian! We are happy to help! You can connect with us in-person at any CCSF campus library during library open hours, you can call us (415-452-5541), or you can chat with us online in the window below.

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