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Remote Access to Databases & E-books

An active RAM ID (student ID number) and RAM ID password is required for off-campus access to CCSF Library subscription resources and databases, including online articles, streaming video, and e-books. When accessing these resources from off-campus, users will be prompted to log in with RAM ID, then will be able to view resources as if they are on-campus.


Use OneSearch to search for books, eBooks, magazine, newspaper and journal articles, streaming videos, DVDs, CDs, images, and more, all in a single search.


Peer Review

Search tips

Boolean operators AND / OR / NOT - To find a smaller set of results, try combining terms with AND. To find a larger set of results, try combining terms using OR. To find results that leave out certain words, use OR.

Truncation - Shortening of a word to its root and adding an asterisk to find results using all variations of the word.

Phrase searching - Put quotation marks around two or more words to search by phrase instead of by the individual words (for example, "social media"). 


Here are some sample searches showing the above techniques:

  1. facebook or "social media" or "online social networks" or "social networking"
  2. "social aspects" AND psychol*
  3. identity or self or persona or "self identity"

California History

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