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MakerSphere: Lasercutting in Science 211


How do I get access?

  • Look for events and demos. 
  • Take a Maker Studies class. 
  • Join the Maker Club: Contact: Advisor: Eugene Young,

Universal Laser Cutter Information

We have a PLS 6.75.

Laser Cutter PLS 6.75

Laser Cutter PLS 6.75


Never use Vinyl or PVC in a laser cutter. It will produce toxic gases. If you are unsure of what your material is made of, you should not use it. 

Laser Cutting Tips

Red is for cutting. Blue is for etching and black is for rastering.

Rastering is lasercutting dot by dot, and this will help to speed up your file and provide a cleaner line.  If you want a thicker text line like some of the other texts, leave it greyscale.  

If you are using Corel Draw the red and blue lines should be hairline. For Illustrator they should be .001 pt. Black raster lines can be any size.  In addition you should be working in a RGB file.

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