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Today's Workshop

1) 童年和孩子遊戲的關係

2) 家庭貧窮與孩子是否做好入學準備之間的關係

3) 移民家庭及他們的孩子的撫養和教育問題

4) 對幼兒園中開除孩子的問題的討論

5) 社區暴力如何影響孩子健康成長

6) 高質量學前教育(0-5 歲)與孩子以後熱愛學習的關係

7) 目前政府(加州為例)對無家可歸家庭的孩子的保護問題

Choose one of the following TOPICS to research:

  1. The relationships between childhood and children’s play
  2. Family poverty and children’s readiness for school
  3. Immigrant families and their children’s upbringing and education
  4. Expelling preschoolers from today’s early childhood education
  5. Neighborhood violence affects children’s well being
  6. The relationships between high quality early childhood programs (0-5 years old) and children’s love for further learning
  7. Current CA government’s policies on protecting homeless children

  • How to find scholarly journal articles (background, consequences)
  • Advanced web search strategies
  • Finding and evaluating academic web sources
  • Create citations

Comparing Source Reliability Exercise 比较信息源的可信度练习


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