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The Unique Costumes of the 56 Ethnic Groups of China: Contributors

This guide accompanies the Unique Costumes exhibit at Rosenberg Library.

Exhibit Collaborators and Participants

Thank you to our collaborators and supporters:

Special thanks to collaborator and co-sponsor Xie Bing, Founder and President of Dasen American Academy, an educator and writer who was generous with time and this wonderful collection of clothing. 

Thank you also, for support from the following individuals: 

Yi Liang

Hannah Gribetz

Chris Burns

Alan D'Souza

Amber Straus

Maggie Frankel

Mark Albright


Friends of the Library

This exhibit was made possible through the support of the CCSF Friends of the Library. 

Library & Learning Resources, City College of San Francisco
50 Frida Kahlo Way, San Francisco, CA 94112 (415) 452-5541