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The Unique Costumes of the 56 Ethnic Groups of China

This guide accompanies the Unique Costumes exhibit at Rosenberg Library.

Activities for the Current Exhibition

For each exhibition, we offer one or more educational activity. Each activity is intended to give you creative ways to explore and learn from each exhibit. There are two activity cards available for this exhibit. Look for them in the gallery!

In addition, try the following as activities when exploring this exhibition. 

Take a map from the entrance of the exhibit, or take a picture of the map as pictured in the guide or in the introductory text. Explore the show by looking for each culture on the map. Some are physical, some are digital. Can you find them all? If not, can you search the library's collections to learn about that culture? 

Consider as you look around: what do clothing, language, holidays, music, dance, and food say about a culture? Do you have family traditions you observe? Take a piece of paper and fold it in half. Choose one Chinese ethnic group to learn about. Depict the culture by drawing what you know about it so far. On the other side of the fold, draw your own clothing, and other aspects of your heritage.

What is the difference between costume (as represented in this exhibit) and reality? Read the description of the word costume on the Intro page of this guide. Choose one culture and look closely at the clothing and the photo of that culture. How much is similar, visually? In real life, is there more variety?

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