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MakerSphere: For Teachers

Workshop Information

3d Print Technologies and Projects

We are using the following tools, technologies, and supplies today. 

Design Software: Tinkercad

Slicing (File Preparation) Software: Makerbot Print

3d Printers: Makerbot Replicator+

3d Technology: Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) or Fused Filament Fabrication. It is an additive process. 

Type of Filament: Polylactic Acid (PLA). It is a corn or sugar based thermoplastic. It is commercially compostable. It will deteriorate over time and is not food safe. 

The Process.. In a Nutshell

Prepare the file: 
Create a file  or find a file. It must be in .STL format. 
Use slicing software to prepare the file for the 3d printer. 
Change settings as appropriate in slicer software. 
Export or send the prepared file to the printer. 

Prepare the machine:
Turn on. 
Load the filament you want to use. 
Prepare the print bed if needed. 
Load file. 
Watch periodically to make sure it is printing as expected.

Workshop Project Videos  

Maker Workshop: Tinkercad

Maker Workshop: Makerbot File Preparation

After the Workshop

If we don't get to print your 3d file today, you can pick it up at the Collaboratory/Media Center Desk, We will notify participants when they are all completed. 

3d Design Software: Tinkercad

Autodesk Tinkercad

Tinkercad is a free 3d design platform where you can create or modify 3d design files. 

It is great for those new to 3d design and for fun learning for a wide range of age groups.  Tinkercad recommends grade 3-8 for 3d design projects.

There are practice projects and some readymade designs and design elements. 

Autodesk has other software for sophisticated users and 3d professionals. 

Getting started for Teachers:

Things to Try

Check out the Gallery

Explore Teach
Suggested lessons 
Invitation codes for students
What interests you? Let your curiosity take a look around. 

Create an account. 

Slicer Software: Makerbot Print

Makerbot Print Software is free to download and use. There are other slicer software programs in the marketplace. You only need to use one that has settings for the 3d printer you are using. 

Download Makerbot Print:

Set up Print File

  • Add Raft
  • Add Supports
  • 10% infill
  • Make sure temp is 210 degrees.
  • Export to Replicator+ Offline

File format will be *.makerbot

Save to flash drive with your name as the file name. 


Access and Projects


Thingiverse Education

Nasa 3d Models

African Fossils


Other Great Sites

Creativity Catapult

Community Access to 3d Printers

3d Printing at SFPL

South San Francisco Library

San Mateo County Libraries

Books of Interest

Library & Learning Resources, City College of San Francisco
50 Frida Kahlo Way, San Francisco, CA 94112 (415) 452-5541