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Banned Books Week: Intro

Banned Books Week celebrates the freedom to read and the defense of intellectual freedom.


Books are still banned??

As crazy as it sounds, it's true. While some institutions, or even towns, have outright banned particular titles (usually from libraries or schools), generally the issue is a book is "challenged." This means that someone wants a book removed from a library, school curriculum, or recommended reading list based on their objections to its subject matter or content. 

Librarians have stood up to these challenges for many years. We believe that it is a person's right to read what they wish to read and should do so without scrutiny. Librarians also believe that the freedom to read is an essential component of a healthy democracy. Read the American Library Association's statement on The Freedom to Read

Banned Book Lists

Banned Books in the CCSF Libraries

The CCSF Libraries have many books in our collections that are on the banned books list. 

To view more comprehensive lists of banned and challenged books, go to American Library Association's Office for Intellectual Freedom


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