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Comics in the Library: Graphic Novels at CCSF

Searching the Catalog for Graphic Novels

Curious what graphic novels we have at CCSF? Here's a search that shows all the graphic novels in our collection:

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Welcome to the CCSF Graphic Novels Libguide!

The purpose of this guide is to familiarize you with what graphic novels the library owns, and to orient you with how to use the library to find what you need.

Use this page to search for all graphic novels in the collection, see what graphic novels classes are being taught at CCSF, or to ask a librarian for help. The links at the top of the page will take you to more focused pages.


Popular Graphic Novels at CCSF

Graphic Novels/Comics Classes at CCSF

If you're interested in taking a class on graphic novels, here are some classes offered at CCSF:

AMS 5  - Comics, Power and Society

AR 136 - Narrative Illustration-Comic Books, Storyboards, and Book Illustration

AR 242 - Drawing Workshop: Adding Color to the Composition

ASIA 30 - Manga and Anime

ENGL 51 - The Graphic Novel as Literature


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