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Resources and research on immigration issues


This Research Guide is intended for students researching immigration and the experiences of both documented and undocumented immigrants in the US. It is also for CCSF students looking for information or support for the rights of immigrants regardless of status.

This guide is being built by the CCSF Library with the help of the CCSF community and the CCSF Student Equity Office.

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Welcome to the research guide for Immigration. Use the tabs above to browse through websites and organizations that provide support and sources for information 


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Recent Items of Interest

Official College Statement: On Protecting the American Dream

Read the Office of the Chancellor statement on November 12, 2019 reaffirming City College of San Francisco's role as a Sanctuary College.


Started in Fall 2019, City DREAM is a resource center for undocumented students, students from mixed status families, and all students affected by immigration or citizenship issues.

California Assembly Bill 1645 Student support services: Dreamer Resource Liaisons

Read the full-text of the bill signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom on October 12, 2019 that will require all 115 community colleges to designate a staff member as a Dream Resource Liaison assisting undocumented students in accessing financial aid and other resources. 

CCSF AB 540 Resources

Learn about counseling and support services, Financial Aid, and other CCSF resources.


Empowering immigrant communities through access to information and legal services

Find events related to Know-Your-Rights, family preparedness, legal screenings, DACA and other forms of relief, and what communities need to know to protect themselves, including info sessions, legal services workshops, trainings, and more.





This guide is being built by the Library with the help of the CCSF community.  Please send comments and suggestions about things that you would like to see included.  

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