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24/7 Librarian Chat Help

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It's midnight, and you need help now! What will you do? The CCSF Library is a part of a 24/7 Online Chat service. This means that you can chat with a librarian from another part of the world while your CCSF librarians sleep, and their students can chat with us while they sleep. Very cool! Just go to the CCSF Library home page and fill in the box under Chat with a Librarian to get started!

Research Guide for Literature Research

Welcome to a research guide designed for students like you who are studying one of Shakespeare's most compelling tragedies - Othello.

Use the tabs above to browse through research tips, books, article databases, and assistance with the MLA citation style.

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Artist: William Mulready 1786-1863

Portrayal of the Black actor Ira Aldridge (1805 (?)-1867), who won renown in Europe for his Shakespearean roles, including Othello, Lear, and Macbeth.

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Remote Access to Databases & E-books

An active RAM ID (student ID number) and RAM ID password is required for off-campus access to CCSF Library subscription resources and databases, including online articles, streaming video, and e-books. When accessing these resources from off-campus, users will be prompted to log in with RAM ID, then will be able to view resources as if they are on-campus.

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