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Fort Mason Center Librarian Services

map of Fort Mason Center

2 Marina Blvd., Bldg B
Room 101 and FMB classrooms
San Francisco, CA 94123

Ft. Mason provides limited librarian services designed to support the art classes at this location. Students appreciate the embedded librarian and the art books that provide inspiration and background.

Library Services Hours

CCSF Library provides limited services at the Fort Mason Art Center. Librarian services and collections are available during class.

  • access to a curated selection of reserve books that support the Art curriculum
  • the collection is accessible via a specially designed mobile library
  • access to online e-books, streaming videos (Films on Demand and Kanopy) and image and periodical databases, including the Artstor image database
  • 24-7 chat reference service for research support
  • orientations for classes and information competency instruction, as well as subject-specific information literacy instruction for classes and students (can be arranged outside of regular librarian service hours)
  • CCSF wi-fi

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