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Health Education

Getting Started

Money icon from FreekpikIn general, we recommend searching CCSF Library resources first, because they contain material that is not freely available on the open web. However, there is lots material on the open web that is not in the library! Therefore, combining these efforts (searching library resources, and then searching the open web) can be effective.

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Recommended Web Resources for Health Education

You can trust these websites for accurate health information

Evaluating Websites: Can you trust the website you found online?

P Purpose: How and why the source was created.

Why does the information exist?

Why was it published in this format?

Who is the audience?
R Relevance: The value of the source for your needs.

Is it appropriate?

How useful is it?

How detailed is it?
O Objectivity: The reasonableness and completeness of the information.

Is the information presented thoroughly and professionally?

Do they use strong language?

Does the source present fact or opinion?
V Verifiability: The accuracy and truthfulness of the information.

Do the authors use factual evidence?

What do experts say about the topic?

Are there errors (in spelling, grammar)?
E Expertise: The authority of the authors and the source.

Why do you trust the author?

Has the item been checked (editor or peer review)?


N Newness: The age of the information.

Does it require current information, or can information be found in older sources?

When was the information first published?

Are there newer sources available?

P.R.O.V.E.N. Source Evaluation by Ellen Carey (6/18/18) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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