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MakerSphere: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently in a trial period with the Collaboratory and our 3D printers, so things are bound to change in the coming semesters. Here are some frequently asked questions about our makerspace:


Who can use the 3D printers?

Any CCSF student can use the 3D printers. We plan to set up a badging system in the future that will require students to pass a training module before using the printers, but for now, they are open to use.


Is there anything I can't print?

Collaboratory staff reserve the right to revoke printing rights for any student printing an object, such as a weapon, that might be dangerous.


How much does it cost to 3D print?

Printing is free! This will likely change in the future, but for now, we do not charge for printing.


Does the library have computers with 3D modeling software?

Yes! We are currently in the process of prototyping machines for the Collaboratory computer lab that can handle 3D printing software. Currently, we have Rhino, Blender, and Audodesk Fusion 360.


Does CCSF offer 3D printing classes?

Currently, the Engineering department offers CAD 99A: 3D Printing and Solid Modeling. Two Maker courses, MAKR 100: Introduction to History, Culture and Practices of Making and MAKR 400: Maker Capstone are being developed for the 2018-19 course catalog.


More info coming soon!

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