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September Sew Along

pencil tags

September Sew Along

Welcome to the first of many Make Alongs! September is going to be a Sew Along. All skill levels are welcome. We’re going to be hand sewing a small tag to hang on your backpack or key ring or wherever you want. Each week you'll complete one portion of the project and by the end of the month the project will be completed. This week you will just be gathering materials. You can purchase supplies from wherever you'd like but we've listed some places that should have what you need. Check back next Monday for the first step of the project! We are so excited to make along with you. Please feel free to share pics of your progress along the way. #makealongwithCCSFlibrary

  • Project: Hand Sewn Felt Pencil backpack tag

  • Materials needed: Pattern, needle, scissors or rotary blade, embroidery floss (grey or matching colors of felt), felt-1 9"x12" sheet of each: pink, grey, yellow, off white, black, pins (option), cut mat (optional).

  • Cost: $5-$8

Supply list 

  • Felt: pink, grey, yellow, off white, black 
    • Michaels -- Michaels allows you to pick individual sheets. You can have it mailed or curbside or even in store shopping if you want
    • Amazon -- Amazon doesn’t offer individual sheets but this is one option. Local craft stores will also, almost always, have felt and embroidery floss. 
  • Embroidery thread:
    • Michaels - Single embroidery floss available for in store/curbside pick up only.
    • Michaels - Michaels also has a pack available. Some colors could be used again in November’s make along.
    • Amazon - Again, not the best option but it is an option.
  • Embroidery Needles:
  • Scissors:

Pencil Pattern :  You can print and cut out the pattern or measure and cut the following: Yellow-2: 5” x 2” Pink: 1.25” x 2” Silver: .50” x 2” Off White: 1”x 2” Black: .50” x 2”

Week 1 (9/1-9/6): 

Assignment: Gather materials. This week we are just gathering materials. Check back next Monday for the next step!

pencil pieces

Week 2 (9/7-9/13): 

Assignment: This week you will be cutting your pattern pieces. You can use a rotary blade or regular scissors. If you are using scissors, mark your pieces with a pen and a ruler and cut along your marks. Once you have all the pieces cut, layer the yellow, off white, and black all on one end together. Take your ruler and mark a diagonal line where the corner of the white meets the top of the black. Do the same on the other side. Now cut through all four layers to create the pencil tip. That's it for this week! Check back next week for the next step. #makealongwithCCSFlibrary

diagonal cut

Week 3 (9/14-9/20):

Assignment: This week, you will be sewing the felt pieces on top of each other. To begin, you will take a nice long length of embroidery thread and split it into three strands. You should have two lengths of three strands after. now, lay out y our pattern. You'll want to layer one yellow, grey and pink together. First, pin the pink (eraser) on top of the grey piece and finish off with a knot at the end. Next you will pin the off white in place at the pencil tip. Now, backstitch just across the top of the triangle and finish with a knot. Lay the back and front pieces on top of each other, so they line up, and cut around the top of the eraser to round the eraser top. That's it for this week! Check back next Monday for the next step. Don't forget to tag us in your progress so we can see your pencils. Happy Monday! #makealongwithccsflibrary 

pencil pieces

Week 4 (9/21-9/27):

Assignment: This week we are going to sew the tag together. You're going to start by sewing across the bottom edge of the grey. Start on the bottom left corner of the grey piece and backstitch across just the top layer of the tag. On the last stitch, pull the needle up through the beginning of the last stitch. Now, pin your backing in place and begin a running stitch around. When you reach the top of the eraser, you are going to stitch your loop in place. Take the long rectangle piece you have left and loop it, putting the two ends inside your tag. Now, stitchh across to put it in place. Once you get past the loop, continue your running stitch until just before the pencil tip. Once you get to the pencil tip, place the black tip and continue your running stitch. Finish stitching around the pencil and knot at the end. Your tag is complete! Don't forget to show us your finished pencils! #makealongwithccsflibrary

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