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CCSF One College / One Book

One College, One Book Program

One College, One Book is a program of the CCSF Academic Senate Faculty Professional Development Activities Committee, in collaboration with CCSF Library

Questions / Suggestions

For questions about the books, how to access them through the library, or for suggestions about resources to include in this guide or events to hold in conjunction with the program, please contact Librarian Chad Stephenson (

One College, Two Books

One College, One Two Books!

The Faculty Professional Development Activities Committee has selected TWO books for this year's One College, One Book program!

In addition to reading the books, look for opportunities to discuss the books with others, learn more about background and context, and attend events throughout the 2023-24 academic year.

Click on covers below or sidebar links for further resources for each title

The Costs of Completion book jacket cover Everything for Everyone book jacket cover

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