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Business Research

Overview and starting point to business research using CCSF resources.

Industry Classification Codes

Industry classification systems are helpful when searching business databases. An industry can have more than one NAICS code. 

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

A four-digit classification system developed in the 1930's. No longer being revised, but still commonly used in many business databases.
Maintained by the U.N. Statistics Division. Used in a number of international databases.

Industry Overviews

Find market size, industry leaders, statistics, current status, future trends, histories and profiles of the industries here. If you look up the NAICS codes for your industry first, this will be a bit easier.
Statistics-based reports, studies, dossiers, and data points on industries and markets internationally. The "Consumer Market Outlook," "Digital Market Outlook," and "Mobility Market Outlook" sections contain forecasts and analytics for various product groups in the global consumer goods/digital economy/mobility markets, with ability to refine market and geographic region.
Search here for industry profiles, marketing research reports, SWOT analyses, and profiles of companies that might be competitors of your planned business.

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