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English (Writing About Literature)

Book/eBook Sources


  • Books are full length sources that can be on a topic by one or more authors, or anthologies, which contain several chapters/sections written by different authors that are often compiled by an editor.

What do they contain?

  • Chapters, sections, essays

How often are these sources published?

  • Once, annually, or every few years

Found in:

Library Subjects, Call Number Ranges, and OneSearch Records

open book iconIn the CCSF Library buildings, books are organized by call number according to the Library of Congress classification system. This system groups items by subject and locates similar items on the shelf together. Below are some potential ranges in which you can find books related to your discipline.

Subjects and Call Number Ranges
Subject Call Number Range
Literature (Modern) PN 695 - PN 779
Literature (Poetry) PN 1010 - PN 1525
Literary history and criticism PR 1 - PR 56

Finding Books

BookSearching for library resources goes better when you:

  • enter words for topics (keywords), authors, or titles, rather than questions.
  • use dropdown menus & checkboxes (limiters/facets) to zone in on exactly what kind of thing you want.
Searching for books - differences
How to Find Ebooks How to Find Print Books

To find ebooks:

  • use the "Books and Media" tab on the Search the Library box. After running the search on the word(s) you entered,
  • Filter My Results navigation on left side of the page. Options selected: Available Online and Books (filters checked)On the left side of the screen find the Filter My Results options--Check "Available Online" under "Availability" and "Books" under "Resource Type." 


To find print books: 

  • use the "Books and Media" tab on the Search the Library box. After running the search on the word(s) you entered,
  • "Filter My Results" options in OneSearch with the filters "available on campus" and "books" selected.On the left side of the screen find the Filter My Results options--Check "Available on Campus" under "Availability" and "Books" under "Resource Type." 

When it comes to searching for your topic, you want to succinctly combine the parts of your topic as distinct keywords in OneSaerch. For example, if your topic is women in the book Sula, you might search for: 

Options Search Strings* Interpretation
1: women AND Sula  Maybe there will be an item with your exact topic words!
2: female AND Sula Maybe it will be listed as female instead!
1 + 2:  (women OR female) AND Sula This search allows for both!
3:  (women or female) AND "Toni Morrison" If there are no books that are obviously about Sula, perhaps one on women in Morrison's** work will do!

eBook Collections

The CCSF community has access to more than 242,000 ebooks and evideos via our O'Reilly and EBSCO eBook subscriptions. Want to learn more about using and finding ebooks for research? We have a video showing how to do just that.

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