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OneSearch, the search box on the Library homepage, is a tool that lets you search (almost) everything CCSF Library subscribes to (as well as some Open Access material) in a single search.

Included in OneSearch

The CCSF Library subscribes to many source-rich databases, and OneSearch can provide results from almost all of them! Sources you will find in OneSearch include:

  • Books and e-books
  • Articles from magazines, newspapers, and journals
  • DVDs and streaming videos
  • Entries from encyclopedias

What can’t you find in the OneSearch?

There are a few databases that are not included in OneSearch results, but you can search them individually by clicking into them on our A-Z Database List. They are:

  • CountryWatch
  • Scientific American
  • Statista

Search Help

Need help using OneSearch? We have more information to help you learn about OneSearch (including how to run an advanced search), or we welcome you to work with a CCSF librarian for assistance. We also have a short video demonstration.

Privacy in OneSearch

When searching for sources in OneSearch from the CCSF Library, you will be served results from a variety of information vendors that the College subscribes to. The search platform, Primo, is provided by the company Ex Libris. While using OneSearch, a brief search history may be assembled throughout your session. The CCSF library system is connected to the school database that contains your personal identifying information (the CCSF Banner database). The information pulled in from Banner to the library system includes information you provided to the college, such as your name, date of birth, address, etc. We pull this information into our system to make it possible for you to do things like log in to OneSearch to save sources in a list, or look at what you are currently borrowing from the library. It also allows the Library to count your checkout history, and report your financial balance (if any) to the bursar’s office. Ex Libris, the creator of our OneSearch, stores these details in their cloud services as long as we are using the service.

When you click on a link to get to the full text of a source that you find in OneSearch, you will leave the library’s OneSearch and be transmitted to the outside information vendor. When you are using the college’s internet, you are authenticated to use the resources under our IP address. If you are not using the college’s internet, you will be prompted to log in with your RAM ID credentials, and this will enable you to search under the school IP address. This remote access is logged for a period of 30 days. Information vendors providing the sources have different privacy policies and may do different things with your personal information. The vendors might only track what is happening within your search session, but if you choose to “save” your items with that vendor (such as saving articles within an EBSCOhost folder), you will have to establish an account with them, and what they can save about you would be governed by their privacy policy.

Libraries attempt to protect patron privacy in accordance with the ALA Code of Ethics. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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