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Subject Librarians

Liaison Area Liaison Email Address Phone # Office
Administration of Justice Kinney, Megan 415-452-5441 R506
African American Studies McKenzie, Michele 415-452-5590 R403
Aircraft Maintenance Technology Varelas, Marie 415-452-5545 R506
American Sign Language Torres, Mary   R413A
American Studies Garcia, Mauro 415-920-6141 MIS
Anthropology Velarde, Lisa 415-452-5443 R506
Architecture Velarde, Lisa 415-452-5443 R506
Art Velarde, Lisa 415-452-5443 R506
Asian American Studies Liang, Yi 415-452-5469 R506
Asian Studies Horng, Menghsin   CNB
Astronomy Chan, Karen 415-452-5470 R506
Automotive/Motorcycle Varelas, Marie 415-452-5545 R506
Biological Sciences Liang, Yi 415-452-5469 R506
Broadcast Electronic Media Arts McKenzie, Michele 415-452-5590 R403
Business, credit Varelas, Marie 415-452-5545 R506
Business, non-credit Garcia, Mauro 415-920-6141 MIS
Cannabis Velarde, Lisa 415-452-5443 R506
Chemistry Chan, Karen 415-452-5470 R506
Child Development & Family Studies Stephenson, Chad 415-452-5571 R413
Chinese Horng, Menghsin   CNB
Cinema McKenzie, Michele 415-452-5590 R403
Communication Studies Velarde, Lisa 415-452-5443 R506
Computer Networking and Info Tech Kinney, Megan 415-452-5441 R506
Computer Science Kinney, Megan 415-452-5441 R506
Construction & Building Maint. Varelas, Marie 415-452-5545 R506
Counseling Niosi, Andrea 415-239-3460 SW156
Culinary Arts and Hospitality Mgt Niosi, Andrea 415-239-3460 SW156
Dance McKenzie, Michele 415-452-5590 R403
Dental Assisting Andrews, Karen 415-452-5431 R410
Disabled Students Programs & Services Prentice, Julian 415-908-7524 DTN
Earth Sciences Chan, Karen 415-452-5470 R506
Economics Varelas, Marie 415-452-5545 R506
Educational Technology Alaniz, Michele 415-452-5549 R506
Engineering & Technology Liang, Yi 415-452-5469 R506
English Kinney, Megan 415-452-5441 R506
EOPS Niosi, Andrea 415-239-3460 SW156
ESL (Credit & Non-Credit) Stephenson, Chad 415-452-5571 R413
Fashion Prentice, Julian 415-908-7524 DTN
Fire Science Varelas, Marie 415-452-5545 R506
French Varelas, Marie 415-452-5545 R506
German Stephenson, Chad 415-452-5571 R413
Health Care Technology Owens, Wendy 415-561-1983 JAD
Health Education Andrews, Karen 415-452-5431 R410
History Garcia, Mauro 415-920-6141 MIS
Horticulture and Floristry Chan, Karen 415-452-5470 R506
Humanities Velarde, Lisa 415-452-5443 R506
Interdisciplinary Studies Liang, Yi 415-452-5469 R506
Italian Garcia, Mauro 415-920-6141 MIS
Japanese Prentice, Julian 415-908-7524 DTN
Journalism Garcia, Mauro 415-920-6141 MIS
Labor and Community Studies Niosi, Andrea 415-239-3460 SW156
Latin American and Latino Studies Garcia, Mauro 415-920-6141 MIS
Learning Assistance Velarde, Lisa 415-452-5443 R506
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies Stephenson, Chad 415-452-5571 R413
Library Information Technology Alaniz, Michele 415-452-5549 R506
Makerspace D'Souza, Alan 415-452-5522 R403F
Mathematics D'Souza, Alan 415-452-5522 R403F
Metro Garcia, Mauro (Mission) Varelas, Marie (Ocean)
Music Stephenson, Chad 415-452-5571 R413
Nursing, registered Andrews, Karen 415-452-5431 R410
Nursing, vocational Owens, Wendy 415-452-5548 R506
Older Adults Chan, Karen 415-452-5470 R506
Paralegal/Legal Studies Varelas, Marie 415-452-5545 R506
Philippine Studies Liang, Yi 415-452-5469 R506
Philosophy Velarde, Lisa 415-452-5443 R506
Photography McKenzie, Michele 415-452-5590 R403
Physical Education McKenzie, Michele 415-452-5590 R403
Physics/Physical Science Chan, Karen 415-452-5470 R506
Political Science Garcia, Mauro 415-920-6141 MIS
Psychology Alaniz, Michele 415-452-5549 R506
Puente Garcia, Mauro (Mission) Varelas, Marie (Ocean)
Radiologic Sciences Andrews, Karen 415-452-5431 R410
Real Estate Varelas, Marie 415-452-5545 R412
Russian Stephenson, Chad 415-452-5571 R413
Social Work Costa, Annie    
Sociology Garcia, Mauro 415-920-6141 MIS
Spanish Garcia, Mauro 415-920-6141 MIS
Student Health Andrews, Karen 415-452-5431 R403
Supervision Varelas, Marie 415-452-5545 R506
Theatre Arts Owens, Wendy 415-452-5548 R506
Trade Skills        
Transitional Studies Garcia, Mauro 415-920-6141 MIS
Visual Media Design McKenzie, Michele 415-452-5590 R403
Women's Studies Owens, Wendy 415-452-5548 R506
Working Adult Degree Program Costa, Annie 415-561-1870  
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