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Check out the technology you need to succeed in your classes from the library.

Borrowing Guidelines

  • Currently-enrolled students can check out technology by requesting them through the library.
  • Please return technology to the CCSF Bookstore or by making an appointment with the Library. See  CCSF Bookstore News and Hours for open hours. Placing them in a drop box may cause damage.
  • Users are responsible for equipment until it is checked back in with all associated accessories.
  • CCSF is not responsible for loss or damage to equipment during the checkout period.
  • Borrowers must follow College, state, and federal policies and laws regarding appropriate use of college networks and computing services.

Technology Available to Check Out:

Click on the technology you'd like to borrow from the table below and follow the instructions in the FAQ on requesting items from the CCSF library.

Laptops Loan Period User Guide
Lenovo 100e Chromebook. Model 81MA 1 Semester Chromebook User Manual
Dell Latitude E7270 laptop 1 Semester Laptop User Manual
WiFi Hotspots Loan Period User Guide
 WiFi Hotspot SmartSpot V400/O55 1 Semester SmartSpot V400/O55 User Manual
 WiFi Hotspot  Franklin wireless R850 1 Semester Franklin Wireless R850 User Manual
 WiFi Hotspot  SmartSpot 917 1 Semester SmartSpot 917 User Manual
WiFi Hotspot  SmartSpot 900 1 Semester SmartSpot 900 User Manual
Calculators Loan Period User Guide
TI-30Xa solar calculator 1 Semester TI-30Xa User Manual
TI 84 plus graphing calculator 1 Semester TI 84 User Manual

IMPORTANT: While the Library is closed due to COVID-19 flash drives and cables are not available. 

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