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Library faculty engage students in developing information competency skills through the library instruction program. The program includes:

The self-paced, online research skills workshops cover topics such as evaluating information, using library databases, and citing sources. Faculty may assign students to complete these workshops in any course to help meet information competency learning outcomes. These workshops are available through Canvas.

In English 1A classes, completion of five of these workshops, or a combination of online and librarian-led workshops, satisfies the CCSF Information Competency Graduation Requirement.

Visit Online Library Workshops for more information and the access point to the workshops.

Request a library instruction workshop.

Please review the Library Workshops Request Policy before submitting a request

Library faculty teach research skills workshops tailored to course objectives. Faculty are encouraged to schedule a library instruction workshop well in advance in order to allow time for collaboration prior to the class.

A librarian-led workshop can reinforce and supplement concepts learned in the online workshops. A typical workshop involves:

  • Instruction on the skills needed to search and evaluate information.
  • Demonstration of tools and resources for researching a topic.
  • Hands-on activities in which students apply information competency skills.

Ocean campus workshops are generally held in the Rosenberg Library instructional lab, room R414, but may also be scheduled at other campus labs. Contact Lisa Velarde at 415-452-5543 or or the subject librarian for your department with questions about library instruction. If at a center, contact the center librarian to discuss instructional options.

Instruction by library faculty supports CCSF Institutional Learning Outcome #1, Critical Thinking and Information Competency:

  • Locate, evaluate, and use information appropriately.
  • Use critical or creative reasoning, including diverse perspectives.

Librarians collaborate with instructors on the design of assignments with any level of research component to foster information competency skills for evaluating information sources, evaluating authority, and integrating sources ethically. A librarian can also help develop a grading rubric for the research and bibliography components of assignments. Please visit Designing Research Assignments for more information.

Instructors can add a librarian to their Canvas courses in order to collaborate on the instruction of information competency skills. Librarians can support students researching and integrating academic sources for assignments and reinforce concepts from the online library workshops. Contact the subject librarian for your department.

Each semester, library faculty offer Library Information Skills (LIS) 10: Use of Information Resources, a 1.0 unit online class, transferable to UC/CSU. Students develop skills using a range of information tools and sources, and explore concepts related to information production and sharing. Research topic development, search strategies, evaluating sources, fake news, and citation are covered.


CCSF librarians can arrange group tours and orientations. Orientations are especially useful for students who are new to academic libraries. They provide an overview of library services and resources such as course reserves, reference and circulation desk help, computing equipment, and finding print materials on a given topic.

Group tours at the Rosenberg Library can be arranged by calling 415-452-5541.

CCSF instructors can arrange a librarian-led class tour or orientation by contacting their librarian liaison. The library has created a downloadable Rosenberg Library Walking Tour (pdf) that can be assigned to students in lieu of a group tour.

Media Center/Collaboratory tours can be arranged by calling 415-452-5423.

For tours at Center Libraries, contact the library to schedule a tour or orientation.


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