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Academic Integrity

CCSF Code of Student Conduct defines plagiarism as " the unauthorized use of the written language and thought of another author without proper quoting or citing and representing him/her as one’s own." Whether intentional or unintentional, student plagiarism can evoke discipline such as verbal or written warnings or reprimands, failing assignment grades, failing test grades, or failing class grades, or disciplinary probation.”

Below are some resources to prevent different types of plagiarism at CCSF.

Preventing Unintentional Plagiarism

Unintentional plagiarism often occurs when a student does not have a solid understanding of what citations are for and how to use them. CCSF library provides tools and services to address this issue:

  • Citing Sources provides comprehensive citations and handouts about MLA and APA formats.
  • Online Library Workshops cover multiple aspects of information literacy. The “Citation Champion” workshop addresses plagiarism and is available for MLA and APA citation formats. Consider adding one or more workshops to your class curriculum.
  • All CCSF students and faculty have access to Noodletools, a citation and research management tool. Contact Us for the login information.
  • Schedule a Librarian-Led Workshop for a class session.

Preventing Intentional Plagiarism

Intentional plagiarism is the deliberate copying of someone else's writing without giving credit by providing a proper citation. Students practicing intentional plagiarism may use paper mills, copy from their peers, or cut and paste text from the web. Use the tips below to help identify information that may have been intentionally plagiarized:

  • Enable VeriCite submissions when creating assignments in Canvas.
  • Copy and paste an unusual or distinct phrase from the paper into a search engine, such as Google. Place quotation marks around the phrase. This also works in Google Books.
  • Copy and paste an unusual or distinct phrase (with quotation marks around it) into OneSearch to see if it’s from a CCSF database.
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