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Generations - CCSF Library ExhibitLibrary exhibitions explore it all—from Oceania, civil rights and nutritious food to queer stencils, recycling and the cartooning life—library exhibitions program brings the world to YOU!

Your concerns and the constellation of interests in the City College community are the focus of library exhibitions. See something that interests you? Find out more about it at a City College library. In addition to offering exhibitions and related resources, the program serves the College community by collaborating on exhibition-related course assignments.

The critical tools associated with library exhibitions are designed to develop student visual literacy. Contact Katrina Rahn for more information. More information at the Library Exhibitions Blog

Library Exhibition Goals

  • To be a conversation and to start new conversations.
  • To evolve and experiment.  
  • To be integral to campus collaborations. 
  • To inspire deeper exploration and investigation. 
  • To surprise you! 

Guiding Principles 

  • Listening and Observation
  • Design Methodologies
  • Social Justice
  • Collaborative Dialogue
  • Spirit of Inquiry and Transformation
  • Visual Literacy
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