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The library exhibitions program brings the world to CCSF!

In addition to offering engaging exhibitions, programs, and related resources, the program serves the College community by collaborating on exhibition-related course assignments.

The critical tools associated with library exhibitions are designed to develop student visual literacy. 

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Recent Exhibitions

Herstory, The Legal History of Chinese Women, 1912-2020

City College of San Francisco Chinatown/ North Beach Center Library is pleased present new exhibit, Herstory, The Legal History of Chinese Women, 1912-2020, is currently open to public. HERstory Exhibit, curated by Dr. Chang C. Chen, who has authored two sets of Herstory serials with 72 titles, presents the Chinese American Women's history through a different Lens featuring legal cases fought in the U. S. Supreme and State Courts. 

The opening ceremony is scheduled on Monday, October 17, 10:30 AM at the second of Chinatown/North Beach Center located at 808 Kearny Street, San Francisco.  The ceremony is one-hour program organized by the Chinatown/North Beach Center Library. A Walk to the Comfort Women Statue at 651 California Street led by Lillian K. Sing, Judge for the Superior Court of San Francisco County is followed after the opening ceremony. 

HerStory Exhibition at the Chinatown/North Beach Center

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