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The library exhibitions program brings the world to CCSF!

In addition to offering engaging exhibitions, programs, and related resources, the program serves the College community by collaborating on exhibition-related course assignments.

The critical tools associated with library exhibitions are designed to develop student visual literacy. 

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Current Exhibition: Amplifying Sanctuary Voices

This multimedia exhibit features a history of the Sanctuary Movement in the Bay Area and an introduction to climate migration—positioning climate change as a major driver in the forced migration of peoples throughout the world. The exhibit focuses on various nuances of climate-induced displacement and migration of the Rohingya people, as well as people in the Northern Triangle of Central America, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Syria, and Pakistan. See the Amplifying Sanctuary Voices Exhibit research guide for more information.

Collages by: Brianna Adia Davis

Guest Curators: Rebecca Genry & Lisa Hoffman

Amplifying Sanctuary Voice Exhibit at CCSF Rosenberg Building

Amplifying Sanctuary Voices Exhibit at the Rosenberg Building

Amplifying Sanctuary Voices Exhibit at the Rosenberg Library Building

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