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Library Policies & Organization

About the Library Organization

CCSF Library and Learning Resources is a part of the Office of Instruction.  It includes library services, the Media Center and the Library and Information Technology program. The College provides library locations at the main campus and at all College centers. Library Administration, Automation and Technical Services are located at the Ocean campus.  All libraries are staffed with faculty librarians during open hours throughout the academic calendar.  Hours and services are designed to align with the needs of the location.

The Library Dean serves as the Copyright Compliance Officer at the College.  They can be contacted with questions related to copyright use in the academic environment.  Please see City College of San Francisco Copyright Policy for details about the official copyright policy and resources to encourage best practice.

Library Assessment

The Library regularly engages in assessment activities and documents findings at the City College of San Francisco Library Assessment page.

Library Policies

The Library does not produce official College policies.  Those are maintained and approved by the Board of Trustees.  See: City College of San Francisco, Board of Trustees, official Policies & Administrative Procedures

CCSF unofficial policy statements:

Professional Policies and Codes:



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