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Employee Directory

Name Email Department/Title Phone
Alaniz, Michele Faculty Librarian 415-452-5549
Ali, Amna Nadir Faculty Librarian -
Allen, Linda Technical Services 415-452-5444
Andrews, Karen Faculty Librarian 415-452-5431
Benshoof, Tracy Access Services 415-452-5436
Bojnowski, Marie Varelas Faculty Librarian 415-452-5545
Brown, Lori Faculty Librarian 415-550-4474
Carmona, Janet Access Services 415-920-6139
Chan, Rodney (Taik Jink) Access Services 415-452-5541
Chan, Karen Faculty Librarian 415-452-5470
Chang, Grace Technical Services 415-452-5473
Costa, Annie Faculty Librarian 415-561-1870
Costa, Anthony *on sabbatical* Department Chair 415-452-5571
Cronkright, Amanda Access Services 415-452-5432
D'Souza, Alan Faculty Librarian 415-452-5522
Dear, Jerry Faculty Librarian 415-452-5524
Dewar, Cynthia Dean 415-239-3292
Fazli, Saima Faculty Librarian 415-267-6505
Fong, Patrick Access Services 415-395-8660
Garcia, Mauro Faculty Librarian 415-920-6141
Graves, Glenda Access Services 415-561-1976
Gray, Joshua Administration 415-452-5456
Heiser, Shawn Faculty Librarian 415-452-5541
Ho, Simon Faculty Librarian 415-452-5541
Holz, Dayna Faculty Librarian -
Horng, Menghsin Faculty Librarian 415-395-8642
Kinney, Megan Faculty Librarian 415-452-5441
Kwan, Dana Systems 415-452-5491
Lee, Lily Ma Technical Services 415-452-5472
Lee, Shirley Access Services 415-452-5446
Liang, Yi Faculty Librarian 415-452-5469
Liu, Simon Access Services 415-395-8644
Lund, Melinda Access Services 415-452-5447
Magos, Miguel Access Services 415-452-5561
Mai, Oanh Systems 415-452-5520
McKenzie, Michele Faculty Librarian 415-452-5590
Minapara, Naseem Access Services 415-452-5734
Nguyen, Anna (Nhu Q) Access Services 415-452-5437
Niosi, Andrea E. Faculty Librarian 415-239-3460
Owens, Wendy Faculty Librarian 415-452-5548
Prentice, Julian Faculty Librarian 415-908-7524
Schmitz, Matthew Access Services 415-452-5430
Stephenson, Chad Department Chair 415-452-5571
Torres Volken, Mary Faculty Librarian 415-452-5541
Velarde, Lisa Faculty Librarian 415-452-5443
Vuong, Vinh Administration 415-452-5450
Webster, Angie Access Services 415-561-1979
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