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Assessment Philosophy

In support of the Library & Learning Resources (LLR) mission, the Library follows the CCSF assessment cycle as documented on the Outcomes Assessment Reporting website and additional reports are documented on the Library Assessment Documents, Reports, and Outcomes page.

Twenty-first century academic librarianship centers around teaching students to become information competent. Information Competency (IC) student learning outcomes have been embedded into the College's General Education Area B: Written Composition requirement. The library continually assesses student learning through IC Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and reviews how well it meets the College's IC instructional need through its service outcomes related to library instructional services.
Other services, collections, resources and facilities are assessed through three other service outcomes to better understand how the library impacts student success.

Library Outcomes

  • Students will receive accurate, professional, and timely support and assistance through our service points.
  • All CCSF students, regardless of location will be able to access library resources and facilities sufficient to meet their academic needs.
  • Students will be able to meet their academic needs through use of high quality library collections and other resources.
  • Students who receive library instruction demonstrate information competency through effectively acquiring, interpreting, critically evaluating and ethically applying information for academic and personal enrichment goals.

Reporting Structure

Outcomes Reporting Structure

Assessments are reported through the College’s CurricUNET system. LIS 10, the library’s only credit course is reported through the Library Discipline and maps upward to the Library’s Program Student Learning Outcome and ILO 1. All other assessments of library instructional offerings (e.g. subject-specific workshops, reference, orientations and online tutorials) are reported through the instructional service outcome. Disaggregated student data from non-course offerings is compiled through Sierra and provided to the SLO Coordinator to be included in ILO 1 assessment.

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