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Library Information Skills (LIS) 10

LIS 10: Use of Information Resources is a one unit, transferable, short term, online course that is great for all students because it teaches information competency and research skills vital to college success. LIS 10 students explore the variety of information research tools and learn how how to use useful keywords to turn an information need or research topic into a clear statement or question. 
In this class, students learn techniques for conducting effective search strategies using One Search (the CCSF search tool), periodical databases, and websites. Students also explore other reference and research tools and learn how to obtain, evaluate and correctly cite information resources for projects and papers to avoid plagiarism.

This popular class is taught by several librarians each semester.

CRNs for Spring 2019: 39243; 38340; 36303 

Contact Lisa Velarde, Information Competency & Curriculum Librarian, for more information about this course.



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