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Hospitality Management

Library Subjects and Call Number Ranges

Book iconIn the CCSF Library buildings, books are organized by call number according to the Library of Congress classification system. This system groups items by subject and locates similar items on the shelf together. Below are some potential ranges in which you can find books related to your discipline.

Subjects and Call Number Ranges
Subject Call Number Range
Food Industry & Trade HD 9000-9495
Dining-room service TX 851-885 
Caterers & Catering TX 901-921
Food Service TX 901-946.5
Hospitality industry. Hotels, clubs, restaurants TX 901-946.5
Hotels/Motels TX 901-953
Restaurant Management TX 911.3 and TX 945
Restaurants TX 945-945.5
Bars (Taverns, barrooms, saloons) TX 950-953
Bartending TX 951
Building operation and housekeeping TX 955-985


Books of Interest Hospitality

Food and Beverage Management

With a clear, user friendly, structure based on the Food Service Cycle, this fifth edition of Food and Beverage Management has been designed to meet the needs of those undertaking a range of educational programs

Hotel Operations Management

Provides an up-to-date and comprehensive examination of all aspects of hotel administration from the viewpoint of the hotel general manager. Addresses the following operating departments: Human Resources; Controller; The Front Office; Housekeeping; Food and Beverage; Safety and Property Security; Sales and Marketing; Accounting; and Facility Engineering and Maintenance.   

Special Events

Dramatic changes to the events industry - influence of social media, increased focus on environmental sustainably and social responsibility, and changes to the economic and cultural landscape - has driven expansion and increased competition. This book is the definitive guide for creating, organizing, promoting, and managing special events of all kinds. 

The Future of Airbnb and the 'Sharing Economy'

This book deconstructs the 'sharing' marketing narratives surrounding Airbnb. It provides a conceptual analysis of the 'sharing economy' and accommodation sector and furthers the ongoing discussion surrounding Airbnb and the social sustainability of city tourism. 

Food and Beverage Cost Control

 Controlling costs, setting budgets, and pricing goods are essential for success in any hospitality or culinary business. This updated book examines the entire cycle of cost control, including purchasing, production, sales analysis, product costing, food cost formulas, and much more. 

Supervision in the Hospitality Industry

A comprehensive primer covering each essential aspect of first-line supervision, helps readers develop the practical skills and knowledge necessary for effectively supervising hospitality workers at all levels of an organization, including cooks, servers, bartenders, front desk clerks, porters, housekeepers, and janitorial staff. 

Employer Branding for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Highlights practical ways for companies in the hospitality and tourism sector to adopt EB strategies to best suit their business, employees and customers.   

Disaster Planning and Preparedness in the Hotel Industry

Increase the awareness of emergency managers and scholars on how to read, manage, and overcome the impact of emergencies in the hospitality industry.

The Next Frontier of Restaurant Management

Brings together the latest research in hospitality studies to offer the best practices for restaurant success. Alex M. Susskind and Mark Maynard draw on their experiences as a hospitality educator and a restaurant industry leader, r

The Social Significance of Dining Out

Dining out has become a popular recreational activity for a majority of the population, offering pleasure as well as refreshment. This book offers a unique comparison of the social differences between 3 cities in England, addressing topics such as the  divisions of labor in food preparation, the variety of culinary experience, and class differences in taste and the pleasures associated with dining out.

Sustainable Hospitality and Tourism Management

Examines various aspects of environmental issues; includes basic concepts of sustainable hospitality and tourism management along with the meaning of sustainable travel and importance of food security.

Contemporary Biographies in Hospitality and Tourism

This resource allows the reader to learn about the pioneers in the service industries, these stars can serve as important mentors to job seekers in this expanding field.

Introduction to Hospitality

Focuses on hospitality operations with a broad, comprehensive view. The text is organized into four sections: hospitality and lodging; beverages, restaurants, and managed services; tourism, recreation, attractions, clubs, and gaming; and assemblies, events, attractions, leadership, and management.

Food and Beverage Management in the Luxury Hotel Industry

This book is a reference for any hospitality management student wishing to gain sufficient knowledge in the subject, to conduct a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the department, through revenue and cost management, and quality audits. It also looks at the various trends shaping the industry today, particularly focusing on sustainability issues and ethical concerns.

Finding Books

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  • enter words for topics (keywords), authors, or titles, rather than questions.
  • use dropdown menus & checkboxes (limiters/facets) to zone in on exactly what kind of thing you want.
Searching for books - differences
How to Find Ebooks How to Find Print Books

To find ebooks:

  • use the "Books and Media" tab on the Search the Library box. After running the search on the word(s) you entered,
  • Filter My Results navigation on left side of the page. Options selected: Available Online and Books (filters checked)On the left side of the screen find the Filter My Results options--Check "Available Online" under "Availability" and "Books" under "Resource Type." 


To find print books: 

  • use the "Books and Media" tab on the Search the Library box. After running the search on the word(s) you entered,
  • "Filter My Results" options in OneSearch with the filters "available on campus" and "books" selected.On the left side of the screen find the Filter My Results options--Check "Available on Campus" under "Availability" and "Books" under "Resource Type." 

eBook Collections

The CCSF community has access to more than 242,000 ebooks and evideos via our O'Reilly and EBSCO eBook subscriptions. Want to learn more about using and finding ebooks for research? We have a video showing how to do just that.

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