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Hospitality Management

Hospitality Career Books

Careers in Hospitality and Tourism

Examines occupations in hospitality and tourism including management, restaurants, lodging, attractions, recreation events and other travel related services. 

Hospitality Operations: CAreers in the World's Greatest Industry

Specially designed to help students learn about the hospitality and tourism industry worldwide.  The final part explores how to obtain and succeed in one's first professional position and how to evaluate important choices as one's career evolves. 

Hospitality Management Education

Examines why people study hospitality management, the vast opportunities the field offers, and ways to best prepare for a a hospitality career. 

Careers in Travel and Hospitality

Comments from people in the industry, current statistics and forecasts, and realistic descriptions provide a useful look at travel and hospitality jobs ranging from chef to flight attendant to lodging manager.

Food Jobs

Culinary careers are as varied as they are fascinating-the only challenge is deciding which one is right for you. Filled with advice from food-world pros.

Food and Culinary Arts

Examines various job possibilities and provides useful self-assessment questions and interviews with professionals. 

Occupational Outlook Handbook

US Bureau of Labor Statistics logo     

Provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Occupational Outlook Handbook provides current information on careers including job summary, work environment, education, job outlook, median pay, and more.

Accommodation: NAICS 721 - Industry at a Glance

Handshake - CCSF, Career Services

Handshake appHandshake has officially launched here at CCSF. This new platform will give our students access to roughly 3.5 million job and internship postings from a global network of over 550k employers, all of whom are specifically interested in recruiting college students and recent graduates. 

 -  Single sign on so you can use your CCSF log in 

 -  Fully integrated mobile application for easy access 

 -  Searchable and real-time job opportunities 

 -  Messaging system that connects you with fellow students 

 -  Messaging system with  employers to grow your network


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