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Understanding Mural Art

"Murals are a potent instrument of liberation, freedom of speech, social action, and propaganda when they remain faithful to their function of expressing religious and political ideals within civilizations." (What Is a Mural? – Understanding the Importance of Mural Art, Art in Context)

Pan American Unity

Meet Diego Rivera's Pan American Unity mural at SFMOMA!

Diego Rivera’s The Marriage of the Artistic Expression of the North and of the South on This Continent, more commonly known as Pan American Unity, is a mural he created in 1940 at the Golden Gate International Exposition (GGIE) on San Francisco’s Treasure Island.

In 2021, the mural went on view at SFMOMA in the museum’s free-to-the-public Roberts Family Gallery on Floor 1. The mural will return to CCSF in 2023.

Emmy Lou Packard Exhibition

Current Exhibition at City College Art Gallery
Emmy Lou Packard: Artist of Conscience 

Emmy Lou Packard, like her mentor Rivera, celebrated the nobility of labor in her painting, prints and drawings, which were often used to promote progressive causes. (Location: Ocean Campus, Visual Art Building, V119)

Featured Books

Painting on the Left: Diego Rivera, Radical Politics, and San Francisco's Public Murals

The boldly political mural projects of Diego Rivera and other leftist artists in San Francisco during the 1930s and early 1940s. How mural painters struggled against those forces that threatened their practice: the growing acceptance of modernist easel painting, the vagaries of New Deal patronage, and a wartime nationalism hostile to radical politics.

The Wall of Respect: Public Art and Black Liberation in 1960s Chicago

The Wall of Respect was a revolutionary mural created by fourteen members of the Organization of Black American Culture on the South Side of Chicago in 1967. An unsurpassed collection of images and essays that illuminate a powerful monument that continues to fascinate artists, scholars, and readers in Chicago and across the United States.

¡Murales Rebeldes!: L.A. Chicana/Chicano Murals Under Siege

Chicana/Chicano muralists took to the streets creating works that expressed cultural pride, embodied political activism, and challenged the status quo. In Los Angeles and its environs, Chicana/o murals reinvigorated and transformed communities, expanding into new genres and locations.

Give Me Life: Iconography and Identity in East LA Murals

The community murals those artists painted in the barrios of East Los Angeles were a powerful part of that cultural vitality, and these artworks have been an important feature of LA culture ever since. This book offers detailed analyses of individual East LA murals, sets them in social context, and explains how they were produced. 

Murals in San Francisco

Mural and Politics

Mural Arists



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