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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Guide to Open Educational Resources

Coming soon

This page is a work in progress.

Coming soon:

  • OER news and resources specifically for CCSF!
  • More examples of OER by-- and being used by-- CCSF faculty

Do you want your OER included? email OER librarian Maggie Frankel (


Want help finding OERs for your class?

Contact the OER Librarian: Maggie Frankel 

California-Specific Open Educational Resources

OER by and for California Community College faculty!

In Spring of 2019, the ASCCC OERI selected its first round of funded OER projects. This opportunity was offered to California Community College faculty with the opportunity to obtain funding for an OER project that would serve both faculty and students throughout California. 

OER Being Used by CCSF Faculty

OER Created or co-created by CCSF Faculty

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