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Asian American Studies

Finding Books

The library organizes its collection by subject. 
  You can often simply locate a book of a specific subject area. Here are some examples of subject headings and subdivisions under Asian American Studies.


Angel Island

Asian American Authors

Asian American Ethnic Identity

Asian American Families

Asian Americans History

Asian American Politics and Government

Asian American Women

Books of Interest

Racial Ambiguity in Asian American Culture by Jennifer Ann Ho

The sheer diversity of the Asian American populace makes them an ambiguous racial category. Indeed, the 2010 U.S. Census lists twenty-four Asian-ethnic groups, lumping together under one heading people with dramatically different historical backgrounds and cultures.

Invisible Asians by Kim Park Nelson

The first Korean adoptees were powerful symbols of American superiority in the Cold War; as Korean adoption continued, adoptees' visibility as Asians faded as they became a geopolitical success story--all-American children in loving white families. In Invisible Asians,

In Defense of Justice Joseph Kurihara and the Japanese American struggle for equality by Eileen Tamura

Eileen Tamura, whose earlier book in the Asian American Experience series remains the outstanding study of the Nisei of Hawai‘i, here examines the life and significance of the Hawai‘i Nisei Joseph Yoshisuke Kurihara (1895–1965), who became, for a time, the most notorious Japanese American for his role in fomenting the Manzanar Riot of December 6, 1942, during which American soldiers shot and killed two unarmed incarcerated young men. 

Desi Hoop Dreams by Stanley I. Thangaraj

South Asian American men are not usually depicted as ideal American men.

The Fight for Asian American Civil Rights by Sarah M. Griffith

From the early 1900s, liberal Protestants grafted social welfare work onto spiritual concerns on both sides of the Pacific.

Making Asian American Film and Video by Jun Okada

The words "Asian American film" might evoke a painfully earnest, low-budget documentary or family drama, destined to be seen only in small film festivals or on PBS (Public Broadcasting Service).

Asianfail by Eleanor Ty

Eleanor Ty's bold exploration of literature, plays, and film reveals how young Asian Americans and Asian Canadians have struggled with the ethos of self-sacrifice preached by their parents.


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