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More Citation Resources

* Learn more about citing sources using MLA 8th edition using the Citations Research Guide and with the Citation Champion Online Library Workshop

* Wait - there's a YouTube channel devoted to MLA? Of course there is! 

* And I can learn about how to write an annotated bibliography and analytical research paper so my professor thinks I know what I'm doing? Yes! 

* Ok... but is there a place I can go to learn about writing Art History type papers? Go there now and learn!

* Isn't there some kind of chart to help me decide whether I need to cite a source? You know there is...

* Just tell me how to write a thesis statement!

* I can't think of a single thing to write. Is this "writer's block?" If only there were a cure for writer's block...

MLA Citation, 9th Edition

Modern Language Association (MLA) Citation Style

Any words, ideas or images that you do not create yourself must be properly credited to avoid plagiarism.  

Citing information sources acknowledges the origin of your information and it provides support and credibility to your work by showing evidence of your research.

citation is a reference to the source of an idea, information or image.  It typically includes enough identifying information, such as the author, title, date,  publication format, etc.

Citing Images and Citation Shortcuts

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