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Faculty Guide to Streaming Video

Answers to common questions about streaming video.

Licensing in Relation to Copyright

Can I use my personal streaming service to share video with students?

No, and here is why.

End User License Agreements (EULAs) in the form of “click-through” agreements required to access personal streaming video subscription services are legal contracts which override fair use and other exemptions to the use of copyrighted materials. EULAs for personal subscription services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime restrict individual subscribers to private, non-commercial use only, explicitly prohibiting screening in classrooms or for public performances. 

If you want to screen content only available through a personal streaming service, contact DeeAnn Tran for assistance. The Media Center can help to research availability or direct you to alternate material in the library collection.  

Note: Refer to the Streaming on the Web section of this guide for selected personal streaming video subscription content available on the open web.

Can I share videos with students through Zoom?

Licensing restrictions may prohibit screening and recording of videos via Zoom. Some streaming services use encryption or other copyright protection measures to block video or audio from being shared via Zoom. Faculty are advised to share films with their students in Canvas. Students can access videos on their own devices in a separate browser window during Zoom sessions. 

Note: Videos from Kanopy, Lumière and Swank are not intended to be shared via Zoom.

What can I use?

The CCSF library purchases database subscriptions and digital site licenses to provide access to a broad range of copyrighted video content cleared for educational use. Sources include Films on Demand, Swank Digital Campus, Kanopy and independent distributors and filmmakers. Most purchased licenses expire within 1-3 years but the library has also secured perpetuity licensing for over 50 titles. Faculty are free to use all library licensed video content for instructional use.

Note: Refer to the Finding Videos section of this guide for more details on licensed streaming video available through the library.

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