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Archives Collections in the CCSF Library

A brief description of the collections, and their locations, in the CCSF Library Archives Room 335, Rosenberg Library.

Employee Data

Archives does not house employee files or records. Information on individuals may be found by searching the publications, including the Guardsman, or those found in PDF lists of "Student" or "College Publications" on the Library Archives Website, or by searching files for people, or departments. 

Some top level Employee Data has been compiled by the Human Resource Department.  This is located within the Human Resources Collections shelved in boxes along the East wall of Rosenberg 335.


Postcards, holiday cards, brochures reflecting college programs or events, uncategorized, incomplete, dates vary. 

Note: many flyers and other ephemeral publications are located within file folders for various college offices, programs or departments.

Located in box residing in bottom drawer of center vertical file.

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