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Archives Collections in the CCSF Library

A brief description of the collections, and their locations, in the CCSF Library Archives Room 335, Rosenberg Library.

Guardsman (Newspaper)

Guardsman newspaper 1936-

Note: First issue titled Emanon.

Note: Online 1936-1994 at the Internet Archive (Includes 1969-1974 Free Critic). 

Note: A local index, 1935 to the present, is under construction but currently not available.  Please use the search features at the Internet Archive as a virtual index. 

Note: Microform copy 1936-1980, housed in CCSF Periodicals Department; second copy to 1974 in Archives R517.

Bound copies located in R517, with spare bound copies in R335.

Governing Board & Chancellor (California Community Colleges)

Two boxes of varied publications, memos and letters issued by the California Community Colleges Board of Governors and/or the State Chancellor's Office, circa 1990-2000. Shelved in boxes along the East wall of Rosenberg 335.

Governing Board (CCSF)

Agenda and minutes, with some full transcriptions, for the CCSF Board of Trustees, 1970- (incomplete).  Two boxes and several volumes containing general documents and Board Policy and Administrative Regulations, circa 1975-2000, shelved nearby.

The Agenda and minutes are shelved in boxes along the West Wall of R335.

Note: The Governing Board of Trustees has published Agenda and Minutes online from 1996 to the present.  


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