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Archives Collections in the CCSF Library

A brief description of the collections, and their locations, in the CCSF Library Archives Room 335, Rosenberg Library.



Various rubber stamps, a SFJC belt buckle (gift of Daryl Hess), t-shirts, campaign buttons, and a wooden portfolio containing college plans circa 1955.  Located in the wooden flat file shelving in Rosenberg 335. 

A black doctoral gown (in plaid zipper bag), PHD from the University of California, along with a leather brief-case, both belonging to Louis Batmale.  Located in the SouthWest corner of Rosenberg 335.

Various trophies, from the 1930s to the 1950s, and a glass cylinder of earth, taken from the groundbreaking for the Ocean Campus, 1937. Located on top of the wooden file cabinet, in the entrance to Rosenberg 335. 

Two models for the Rosenberg Library.  Located on top of the flat shelves and wooden filing cabinet, in the entrance to Rosenberg 335.



Research & Planning

Several boxes of mixed materials from the Office of Research and Planning, including materials on Shared Governance, and issues of R&P publications from the early 2000s. 

Shelved in boxes on the North Wall of Rosenberg 335.

Rocky Mountain Nursery School

The Rocky Mountain Nursery School was established by Effie Kuriloff, who also served as faculty in Child Development at the City College of San Francisco. There are eight cubic archive boxes of information on the Rocky Mountain School, and Effie Kuriloff.  These were prepared and donated by Ms Kuriloff's daughter in the early 2000s. Located on the Shelves in Rosenberg 334B.

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