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Archives Collections in the CCSF Library

A brief description of the collections, and their locations, in the CCSF Library Archives Room 335, Rosenberg Library.


Files folders primarily for persons associated with City College, though some persons from outside the college are included. Contents vary, may include audio or visual material.  

Located in the wooden file cabinet, inside Rosenberg 335.

Periodicals and Publications

Periodicals in the Archives are mainly college publications, newspapers and newsletters.  For these see entries for Guardsman, for the college schedules and catalogs, for student publications and general college publications.  The content and production qualities of these varies widely.  There are a few additional periodicals located in the Archives for incidental reasons, all incomplete runs.  E.g. issues of the State-wide Academic Senate "Rostrum" are located with the Academic Senate archives.  Others are located with affinity groups such as LLARC, or the State Board of Governors, or newsletters associated with the Faculty and Classified Staff bargaining units.

Newspapers from outside of the college, or affinity groups, are not collected.  For the San Francisco Newspapers see microfilm and database holdings at the San Francisco Public Library.  Clippings of articles from newspapers, or magazines, may be inserted into various file folders throughout the archives collections.  Clippings often appear in the "people" files, and occasionally appear in other vertical files. 

The Public Information Office maintained "clipping files" at various intervals, some of these appear in the vertical file for the Public Information Office, and earlier bound volumes of clippings are shelved with the scrapbooks, in the cabinets below the West wall in Rosenberg 335.


Many photos were published in the college catalogs, the college newspaper, and other newsletters such as Intercom and Progress. Publication in the Guardsman does not guarantee that we hold the negatives, prints or copyrights to the material.  We do hold many prints -- a large number originating with the Public Information Office, and heavily skewed to the years 1970-1985.  Photographs are held largely in the following locations:

Photographic prints and many un-printed negatives in the wooden filing cabinet, located in the entry to Rosenberg 335.

Public Information Office vertical files in Rosenberg 335.

Cabinet holding 35mm slides, in the SouthWest corner of Rosenberg 335

"People" and "department" files may hold photos; as do Scrapbooks that are located in cabinets below the West and North wall shelving of Rosenberg 335.


Plaques, Awards & Framed works

Numerous Proclamations, Placques, Awards and other framed materials given to individuals, departments, programs or the college.

Located on top of and inside the wooden file cabinet, inside the entry to Rosenberg 335.

See also: People files in Rosenberg 335.

Posters, display and signage

Various posters issued by departments and offices of City College, along with varied signs posting regulations or warnings. Located in the flat shelving cases in the entrance to Rosenberg 335.

Several display sized posters -- advertising CCSF programs, services, or displaying facilities plans. Located within, rolled underneath, or stored flat behind the flat shelving cases in the entrance to Rosenberg 335.

Program Review

Several boxes of papers related to the process of Program Review, circa 1980-2000, along with several boxes and bound volumes of Program Reviews, for both the Credit and Non-credit programs, issued during the same period.

Shelved in boxes along the North wall of Rosenberg 335.

Public Information Office

Full drawer of drop files containing documents and photos from the Public Information Office of CCSF from the mid-1990s to the mid 2000s. These are located in the vertical file cabinets near the North wall of Rosenberg 335. 

There are also several boxes of materials, including audio visual materials in VHS, CD and DVD format, supporting Public Information projects for the same period. These are shelved on the North Wall of Rosenberg 335.

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