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Evans Center Library

1400 Evans Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94124


The Evans Center library is uniquely suited to serve the curriculum at that location. Students appreciate being able to find materials needed for their coursework as well as a selection of materials for reading enjoyment.

Library Hours

Collections support all areas of study at the Evans Center, with particular emphasis on Automotive and Motorcycles; Bicycle Maintenance; HVAC; Construction (plumbing, wiring, blueprint, welding, woodworking, fork lift, and carpentry); Custodial; Fashion and Upholstery; English as a Second Language (ESL); Child Development; Solar Power; MakerSphere; and Basic Education in all subject areas.  Services include:

  • Student computers
  • Printing
  • Reserve text books
  • Periodicals specializing in the fashion, construction, automotive, custodial and business trades
  • Wi-Fi Network
  • Computer stations with unique software special to Evans Center’s Automotive and Fashion Departments
  • Copy machine (B&W/color) with scanner

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