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New at the Library

Remote Services Fall 2020

The Library will be closed fall semester 2020 due to COVID-19.  See CCSF Virtual Library details about remote services.

New Furniture at the Collaboratory

Come check out the new furniture at the Media Center/Collaboratory and find out about the exciting events happening in this space.  This month we'll be participating in Inktober - 31 days of drawing!  If you are interested in making - the Maker's Club meets in this space every Thursday at 4:30.  The club is open to all students.

New Printing Options at Ocean Campus

Effective fall semester the College will have a new cloud-based printing service for students, faculty and visitors.  Using this service, you can print from Google Drive, Office 365, Dropbox or OneDrive.  To start out with, most of the print kiosks will be located in the Rosenberg Library Building on Ocean Campus.  Find out more about copying and printing.

New Books

CCSF buys books year-round.  Check the new book shelf when you're at the library or browse the new books online.  Click request to have a book delivered to the library of your choice.

Media Center / Collaboratory

This space is going through a lot of change as it morphs into a place to study, create, practice language acquisition and collaborate with others.  Come visit us on the 4th floor of the Rosenberg Building at Ocean Campus and let by and us know what you think.

Immigration Information & Resources

CCSF librarians created an Immigration resource guide for students researching immigration and the experiences of both documented and undocumented immigrants in the US. It also lists support organizations, as well as information on the college's and the city of San Francisco's sanctuary status.

Food for Fines

Donate food and get rid of library fines!  Effective Fall semester 2017, CCSF Library now accepts some types of food for some fines.  Each donated item reduces your fine by $5.00.  Find out more what qualifies for the Food for Fines program.

Rosenberg Library Sound Zones

Rosenberg Library now has sound zones! Need to collaborate or chat? Try the 4th floor Collaboration Zone. Need absolute quiet? Try the 3rd floor Silent Zone. Need something in between those 2 scenarios? Try the 5th floor Whisper Zone. We hope you enjoy these new spaces and will be asking for more feedback later in the semester.

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